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Languages are used in conjunction with Regions to create Locales - geographically specific multi-lingual content for the site.

Language selection

To create multi lingual content go to Administration -> Setup -> Languages. The following options will be presented: 

Language initial menu v7

1. Select Languages. Installed languages will be given a name and a language code. 

Note: if additional languages are required, please speak to your Account Manager or raise a Service Request.

2. Select Manage Languages. The following view will be presented:

Manage languages screenshot

3. Edit/Configure:

Default Edit Language

Select a default Language for the site.

Linked to Site

Check to make the Language available when creating a Locale.

  • RegionsRegions are used in conjunction with Languages to create Locales. Locales allow geographically specific content, such Mexican Spanish, as opposed to Spanish Spanish.
  • Site LocalesLanguages and regions may be combined to create a Locale, a location specific version of a page, for example Swiss German.
  • LocalisationLocalisation allows for the end user to be prompted to select a Locale when visiting the site, and for the persistence of this selection to be managed.