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Associate Locales

Associate Locales

Editing and configuring existing Locales.

Associate Locales

To configure an existing Locale go to Administration -> Setup -> Languages -> Locales.

1. Click Associate Locales. The following view will be presented:

Associate Locales v7

2. Edit/configure:

Linked to site

Linking a Locale to the site makes it available when creating content on the site.

Auto Create

If required, select this option to automatically create a blank alternate of each new page for each Locale. Alternatively, a Transition may be added to a Workflow to manage the creation of specific Locales.

3. Click either the language or region of the locale. The following view will be presented:

Enter Locale details v7

4. Edit/configure:

Browser Codes

Enter the appropriate browser code(s) for the Locale. This may be entered in different formats to ensure that they are recognised by all browsers. For example, en-gb, EN-GB, en-GB.

URL Prefix

The URL prefix is inserted into the page URL to identify the Locale. A default URL prefix is created for the Locale using the Language and Region information.

Available Dictionaries

Select the appropriate option.

5. Click Save.