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Creating and Editing Locale Pages

Creating and Editing Locale Pages

Locales are alternate versions of a page, allowing for the publication of multi-lingual content.

Creating Locale pages

A locale can only be created from a default locale master page.

1. To create a locale go to the locale selector:

Page Locale selector v7

 2. Select the appropriate locale. If the locale is inactive the following view will be presented:

Inactive Locale on a page v7

3. Select the appropriate option.

Note: the locale page may already exist if the locale has been set to auto create. Alternatively, a Page Locale Generation transition may been added to a workflow.

4. Add content to the locale as required.

Note that an individual Locale - en-US in the example above - can not be copied or shared, as Locales are dependant on the master version of the page.