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Site allows an Administrator to configure basic settings for the site.

Site Setup

To manage general configuration for the installation go to Administration -> Setup -> Site.

1. Edit/configure:

Site setup 1 v7

Outgoing Email 'From' Details

Enter the details for the creator and email address of any outgoing system generated emails, such as forgotten password reminders or workflow approval notification.

First Name

Enter appropriate information.

Last Name

Enter appropriate information.


Enter appropriate information.

Group to notify when fetching external RSS causes errors

Select a group to receive email notification of issues relating to external RSS Feeds.

Enable Shared Authentication

If required check to allow Easysite to write a browser cookie containing an authentication token each time a user logs into the system. This cookie can be read by any other applications running under the configured domain. Easysite supplies webservices that allow the token to be validated by the external application.

 If enabled, enter an appropriate Cookie Name, Cookie Domain, Cookie Expiry and select Force SSL (recommended).

Enable automatic sign in via IP range(s)

Automatic sign in via IP allows a user accessing the site from a specified IP range to be automatically logged in.

Note: The How to set up Automatic User Login via IP Best Practice article contains further details on configuring automatic login via an IP address. 

Site Setup 2 v7

Hit Tracker IP Exclusion List

Click Add IP to add IP addresses which should not be included in Stats data.

Enable User Agent Login

User Agents are used to allow Search Engine Bots to login to the site as guest users, and index restricted content. Check if the functionality is required.

User Agent List

To allow a User Agent click Add User Agent and a friendly name for the Bot (for example, Bing), the User Agent name (in this instance Bingbot) and the Confirmation Host (search.msn.com).

Note: to enable User Agent access to the site go to Administration -> People -> Users, and select an appropriate User. From the Advanced tab, select the User Agent to be associated with this account. The User Agent will be able to access all the content available to this user.

Redirect to URL: (Leave blank for default)

Enter the URL an authenticated user is to be redirected to upon log out.

Message Forwarding

Check to allow new users to receive messages.

Note: users may change this setting via my account.

Send Email to Users when Validated by Admin

Check if required.

Enforce Page Categorisation

Check if required.

Site Setup 3 v7

Make review date mandatory

Check if required.

Default Review Period (days)

Enter an appropriate value.

Review Notification

Select the Users will be required to review content.

Reminder Notification

Select the uses who will receive a notification if content is not reviewed within a certain timescale.

Reminder Period (days)

Enter an appropriate number of days before the reminder email is generated.

Default Theme

Select the page Theme, this will typically be the 'Web' Theme.

Use v6.5+ Renderer

If using the Web Theme check to enable Easysite 6.5+ interfaces.

Sub-menu display on 'click'

This option is not currently in use.

Automatically redirect mobile devices

If a dedicated Mobile optimised site is in use check to redirect users on mobile devices to a page where either the mobile or desktop version of the site may be selected.

Interstitial page

Enter the URL of the mobile device page.

Enable AutoSave

If required, check to enable the auto saving of page content after a pre-determined time period.

AutoSave interval (minutes)

Enter an appropriate time period, after which a draft version of the page will be automatically saved.

Notification time (minutes)

Enter an appropriate time before the AutoSave that the author will be notified that the page is about to saved.

Capture Mode

Select the appropriate option.