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Creating and applying a Retention Policy to an Asset Category to ensure that Assets within that category are not deleted within a nominated time period.


To create a new Retention Policy go to Administration -> Setup -> Workflow -> Retentions. The following view will be presented:

Add new retention policy screenshot

1. Click Add. The following view will be presented:

New retention policy screenshot

3. Edit/configure: 


Enter an appropriate name for the Review Schedule. The name will sued to identify the policy in a list.


Enter an appropriate description for the policy.


Select the period that Assets covered by this policy must be retained.

Note: if required additional Retention Periods may be created..

4. Click Save.

Applying a Retention Policy to an Asset

Retention Policies are applied to Asset via an Asset Category. To apply a Retention Policy go to Administration -> Content -> Assets -> Categories.

1. Click to select the appropriate Asset Category and click Scheduling. The following view will be presented:

Asset category retention policy screenshot

2. Select the appropriate Retention Policy and click Save. Assets within the selected category may not be deleted until the relevant time period has expired.


The following options are available: