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Review Schedules are applied to either asset categories or pages, which must be published to confirm that the review has been undertaken. The review process is comprised of the following stages:

  1. Nominated users are notified by email that content requires review.

  2. If this review is not undertaken a reminder is issued.

  3. If this reminder is not actioned, the review is escalated to another nominated user.


Offsets allow administrators to define the time period between each of these stages.

Review Process Details

To configure a review schedule go to Administration -> Setup -> Workflow -> Reviews . The following view will be presented:

Workflow review schedules screenshot v7

1. Click Add. The following view will be presented:

Review schedules add schedule screenshot v7

2. Edit/Configure:


Enter an appropriate name for the Review Schedule. This name is used to identify the Review Schedule from a list.


Enter an appropriate description for the Review Schedule.

3. Configure the following additional tabs: