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Page Locale Generation

Page Locale Generation

The Page Alternate Generation Transition Task is used with Locales to automatically generate  alternate page versions for translated text to be added.

Page Alternate Generation

To add the Page Alternate Transition Task go to Workflow -> Transitions.

1. Select the appropriate Transition and click Content.

2. Drag and drop the appropriate Task:

Transition Task icon v7

3. Configure the Task. The following view will be presented:

Page alternate gneration transition task configuration screenshot v7

4. Edit/configure:

Album List 

Auto create alternates based on active site associations

If required, check to automatically create a draft alternate of the page for each active Locale.

Page Alternate Notification

Page Alternate Notification Recipients

If required, click Add Users/Groups to search for Easysite Users who will be notified when the draft alternate is created.

Page Alternate Authors 

Page Alternate Authors

Click Add Page Alternate Author to select the Users who will be required to add content to the Locale.

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