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Start page

Start page

The Start Page allows System Users to create a customised Administration landing page by adding Tiles containing useful or popular tasks or content.


To customise an existing tile on the Start Page click Customise:

Customise start screen screenshot

1. Mouse over an existing Tile. The following view will be presented:

Start page configure tile screenshot

2. If required click the cog icon to change the size and background colour of the tile, select the four way arrow to drag and drop the tile to another location on the start page, or the cross to remove the tile.

3. Click Save.

Add a new tile

To add a new tile to the Start Page click Customise.

1. From the Ribbon Bar drag and drop the required tile either under an existing tile or onto [+New Stack]. Note: if New Stack is selected the following view will be presented:

Start page new stack screenshot

2. Enter an Title for the stack of tiles - for example 'My Tasks' or 'My Work', and click Save.

3. Configure the Tile, or drag and drop another tile. The following view will be presented:

Configure tile screenshot


Select appropriate content for the tile


Select an appropriate background colour for the tile.


Select an appropriate size for the tile.

Note: a number of tiles covering common Easysite tasks or functions have been created as default:

  • Document - click Choose to add a single document from the Asset Manager to the start page.

  • Feeds - add a single RSS Feed to the start page.

  • Gallery - display a slide show of recently uploaded assets.

  • Image - click Choose to add a single image from the Asset Manager to the start page.

  • Messages - display messages from the Message Centre

  • Module Shortcut - display a shortcut to a selected Module.

  • Shortcut - create a shortcut to an administration function such as Themes or Feeds.

  • Tasks - display System or Message Centre created Tasks.

  • Tracking -  if the Analytics module is installed, display Keywords, Metrics such as hits and unique visitors or traffic sources for a nominated number of days.

  • Twitter - display a nominated Twitter feed.

  • Widget - display a third party app, such as Facebook.


Note: clients who have undertaken API training will be able to create their own tiles via the Easysite API.