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Configuration allows Administrators to configure global settings such as password security and audit trails.

System configuration

To manage general configuration for the installation go to Administration -> System -> Configuration.

System Configuration config 1

1. Edit/configure:

SMTP Relay Host

Enter the IP of your installed SMTP host.

Send SMTP Messages

If required, check to send out notifications to users of the system.

First Name

Enter an appropriate value.

Last Name

Enter an appropriate value.


Enter an appropriate value.

Digest Frequency

Select appropriate value.

Send error digest to

Enter an appropriate email address.

Keep unread messages for

If required enter the number days unread messages are to be retained in the Message Centre.

Keep read messages for

If required enter the number days read messages are to retained in the Message Centre.

Keep archived messages for

If required enter the number days archived messages are to retained in the Message Centre.

Password Min Length

Enter the minimum number of characters required for a user password.

Password Max Length

Enter the maximum number of characters required for a user password.

Show Password Strength Indicator

If required check to expose a password strength indicator to users when creating a password. Click to view information on password strength.

System Config 2 v7

Password Expiry Period

Enter the required number of days. Note: leave blank for no expiry.

Password Expiry Notification Period

Enter the number of days prior to password expiry that a user is prompted to create a new password.

Password Recycle History

Enter an appropriate value.

Disable Password Expiry For Public Users

If required, check to ensure that the Password Expiry Period does not apply to Public Users.

Invalid Password Attempts Before Deactivation

Enter an appropriate value. Note that once a user account is deactivated it must be reactivated via the Users interface.

Log Search Activity

Check to record search terms and corresponding results.

Archive after

Enter an appropriate value.

Log All Visits (Including general public)

Check to record audit trails and hit tracker data.

Log Hits (over a maximum of)

Enter an appropriate value.

Maximum Number of Versions

Enter an appropriate number of versions of an asset to be retained in the Asset Manager

Keep Versions For

Enter an appropriate value.

Each Link Checked

Check to enable the Asset Manager to validate link and code assets.

Time Period for Validation

Select an appropriate time slot for asset validation to take place. A report will then be generated for asset owners and any users with Asset Administrator privilege.

System config 3 v7

Enable Page Security

If required check to allow page security.

Note: once enabled SSLs are applied via the Page tab.

Default member profile privacy

For sites using the Membership module, select an appropriate default privacy option. This option determines whether member details are included in the Members directory element or not by default.

Allow Duplicate Email Addresses

Check if required.

Enable Auto Sign On

If required check to Single Sign On to the site. 

Note that an External Provider must be configured before this option may be used. For more information on configuring Single Sign On, please view the Single Sign On Best Practice article.

Force Auto Sign On

Check to only allow sign on via external provider.

Repeat Auto-Sign On After Logout

Check if required.

Restrict Auto Sign On

If required enter IP adress(es) to restrict sign on.

Interim Login Page

If required, enter the URL of a page anonymous users will be redirected to when attempting to access restricted content.

Default Account Management Page

Enter the URL of a default 'My Account' page.

Force new user session on login

Check if required.

Enable Membership/Role Provider

Check if required. Note this feature allows external systems to access Easysite services that can authenticate user details.

Keep Records For

Enter the appropriate number of days that audit trail information should be retained for.

Allow 'Remember Me' functionality

Check if required.

Cookie Length

Enter an appropriate value

Open Configuration Panel for newly inserted Elements

If required, check to automatically open the configuration options for elements added to either a page or template.

System Config 4 v7

Show/Hide filter words

Select to create a list of words which will filtered out of the Discussion Forum.

Note: use prefix? or suffix? to include variations of a term. For example prefix?word would remove both the original term and instances where the prefix has been included. Use | to add multiple prefixes or suffixes. For example: word(suffix|anothersuffix)?

Global Asset Caching Headers

Check if required.


The following additonal options are available:

  • View Error LogThe Easysite Error Log records information on specific errors, such timeout, as well as general information which may or may not relate to an error. For information on specific errors, please raise a Service Request.