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Data Exchange How to Guide

Data Exchange How to Guide

Guide to using and configuring specific DataStore Source and Target Plugins.


Select the appropriate Source and Target Plugins to access detailed how to information.

Source Plugin
Directory Builder Data Source
Target Plugin
CSV Data Target
How its done
  1. Go into Administration -> Data Exchange -> Packages. Click on "New Package". Add an appropriate name in Package Name 
  2. Drag and drop a Data Transfer Task  onto the Package Tasks field.
  3. Click on Configure, and for the Source Plugin select "Directory Builder Data Source". From the Directory drop down select the appropriate Directory and then click Next.
  4. Select an appropriate "Key Field" and "Hash Fields". Then click Next
  5. From the Target Plugin drop down select "CSV Data Target", and in the Field Names enter the names of the Columns to be displayed in the CSV file.  
  6. Enter a unique value for the Download Key. From the Encoding option select Unicode (UTF -8), and in the OutputFieldName, enter an appropriate name for the CSV file. Click Next.
  7. Create appropriate mappings between the elements within the directory and the columns within the CSV file. Click Next.
  8. Enter an appropriate name for the task.
  9. Click Finish. You are returned back to the "Define Package" page for the Data Exchange package. Then click on Save the Data Exchange Package.