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Data Exchange How to Guide

Data Exchange How to Guide

Guide to using and configuring specific DataStore Source and Target Plugins.


Select the appropriate Source and Target Plugins to access detailed how to information.

Source Plugin
XML Data Source
Target Plugin
Datastore Data Target
How its done
  1. Go to Administration -> Data Exchange -> Packages. Select New Package and enter an appropriate Package Name. 
  2. Drag and drop a Data Transfer Task  onto the Package Tasks field.
  3. Click Configure select XML Data Source Plugin, the XML Feed URL and the SXLT Stylesheet. (Note: Easysite requires both the XML Feed URL and the XSLT stylesheet). Click Next.
  4. Select an appropriate Key Field and Hash Fields. Click Next
  5. For the Target Plugin select Datastore Data Target choose the relevant data store instance. Click Next.
  6. Create appropriate field mappings for the import. Click Next.
  7. Enter an appropriate Task name, and select Incremental mode if required. Click Finish.
  8. Save the Data Exchange Package.