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Removing a microsite from an Easysite Community

Removing a Microsite from an Easysite Community

Steps required to remove a microsite from an Easysite community.

Points to consider

Although removing a site is possible your organisation should NEVER change the site in your community which has been configured as the 'Master Site'. To check if the site is the master site go to Administration -> System -> Sites -> is master site.

Note: This change will have a detrimental affect on your Easysite installation and a backup taken prior to the change should always be restored.

Before commencing a project to remove legacy data from Easysite please question whether:

1. Content sharing is used within your community and whether pages from the site you wish to delete are shared to other sites in your Easysite Community.

2. Any groups on the site you wish to delete contain users from other community sites which may have an affect on page permissions.

3. Assets on the site you wish to delete are shared on other community sites or direct links present on other site pages.

4. Asset categories on the site you wish to delete are global which may result in incorrect permissions against assets or removal of assets on other community sites.

5. System categories on the site you wish to delete are global which may result in issues relating to page listers, headline boxes and other functionality that is reliant on these. 

6. Any redirects are configured on the site you wish to delete that will no longer function after the content is deleted.

Once you have considered the answers to the questions above please progress with the most efficient way for old/legacy sites to be removed.

Note: always ensure that thorough planning is completed and an SQL Database backup is taken prior to the start of a site removal project.  

Steps to remove a Microsite from your Easysite Community  

We would strongly recommend that data from the site you wish to delete is processed in the following order to allow the most efficient removal of legacy data:  

Page Content  

1. Step through the site in question and physically delete all pages.

2. Go to Administration Content > Pages -> Deleted Pages. Permanently delete all pages.  

Note: without completing step 2, page records will remain in the SQL Database until manually removed.  


1. Step through the Asset Manager and delete any assets that are present within asset categories created on this site.

2. Delete any asset categories created directly on this site.  


1. Delete all instances of modules created on this site.   

Note: that you should not delete the actual installed modules as these are not site dependant and deletion will result in removal of the module from all other sites within the Easysite Community.  

Users and Groups 

1. Delete all users and groups with the exception of the user/group being used to complete the deletion of the data.  

Domain Names  

1. Go to Administration -> System -> Sites. Select the appropriate site and click Manage Domains for this Site.

2. Remove any domains present.    

Note: you will not be able to remove every domain from the site so please include a single domain of simply 'Deleted Site'    

Final delete of the site from the 'Change' site list  

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for anyone other than the Easysite Service Desk to complete the final deletion of the site.  

Please create a request through the Service Request Portal to allow the Easysite Service Desk to complete the final step required to remove the microsite from your Easysite Community.  

Would you like to arrange for this to be completed on your behalf?  

It may be possible to purchase consultancy time for the Easysite Development Team to complete any of or all of the steps required to remove a microsite.  

For further information, please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to confirm costs and schedule for this to be completed within your Easysite Community.