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To manage pages login and navigate to an appropriate location within the site. The following options will be presented:

Authoring control bar screenshot

1. From the Control Bar, click to select Manage on. The following view will be presented:

Authoring editing toolbar screenshot

Using the Control Bar

  • Logout icon LogoutLogging out of Easysite Version 7.
  • Control bar message centre icon Message CentreViewing, creating and managing Messages.
  • Control bar information icon InformationThe information icon is a link to the Easysite Resource Centre.
  • My Account control bar icon My AccountSetting Personal Preferences for Easysite version 7

Authoring Pages

Select the appropriate option:

  • PageManaging the location of, access to and interaction with an Easysite Version 7 page.
  • ContentCreating, editing and managing page content in Easysite 7.
  • DesignEditing and managing page layouts and themes in Easysite 7.
  • ActivityActivity allows administrators to track versions, audit trails and - if the Analytics Module is installed - end user activity for a page.