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Select an Asset

To add an existing asset to a page, right click the Add/Upload Asset element and click Choose...Alternatively, select Choose..from the Ribbon Bar. The following view will be presented:

Asset manager choose screenshot

1. Click the appropriate asset ,and click Select.

Note: asset may be searched via the Keywords option. Additional search filters may be applied via the Filter by Type or by selecting a Category.

Using the Ribbon Bar

Once an asset has been added to a page, it may be managed using the Ribbon Bar.

Note: the Ribbon bar is context sensitive, and will present the appropriate options once an asset has been selected. The following options will be presented:

Asset Ribbon Bar existing asset screenshot
Update asset icon

Update allows the author to edit the inline details of the asset on the page.

1. Click Update. The following view will be presented:

Ribbon Bar Update screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Alternate Text

Alternate text is presented when a user is unable to view the asset directly, for example when utilising screen reading software. Enter appropriate alternate text.


If required enter an appropriate caption for the asset. The caption sits below the asset on the page.

Display Size

Select an appropriate size the image to display. Note: if required additional Image Sizes may be created via Administration.

Enable Zoom

If required, check to allow the end user to enlarge the image via a Zoom Link.

Zoom Size

Select the appropriate Image Size.


If required, check to display the asset in a separate modal window.

Slideshow group name

If required, enter a group name which is used as an identifier for images. Any images on a page with corresponding group names will be presented as slideshow if the end user selects the Zoom option.

Show picture frame

The picture frame option displays a border around the image. Note: the picture frame may be styled as appropriate via CSS.

Image Mapping

Image mapping allows links to be embedded within an asset, for example to allow end users to click on locations within a map. Third party software can be used to generate co-ordinates which may be pasted into the Image Mapping tab.

Ribbon Bar Change asset icon

Change... allows the author to replace the existing asset with another from the asset manager. Click to select the required Asset and click Save.



Ribbon bar remove asset icon

Remove allows the author to remove the asset from the page and have no asset displayed.




Ribbon bar align asset icon

Align allows the author to align the asset left right or centre.

Note: aligning the image left or right will wrap text around the asset. Centring the asset will position the text below the asset.


Ribbon bar link asset icon

Link allows the author to create a hyperlink from the asset.




Ribbon bar unlink icon

Unlink allows an author to remove a hyperlink from an existing asset.



Asset size icon
Asset size allows the author to resize the asset on the page by selecting from a drop down list of custom asset sizes.