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Internal Link

Internal Link

Link Properties

To create a link go to Manage -> Edit an highlight and appropriate selection of text. Alternatively, click to select an appropriate asset.

1. Click Link.

2. From the Link Type dropdown select Internal Link. The following view will be presented:

Link Properties screenshot

3. Edit/configure:




Click Select Link to expose a map of the site. If required click + to expand a section, and click to select the appropriate page.

Note that if a page contains Bookmarks these will be listed, enabling a link to a nominated Bookmark to be created.


If required, enter an appropriate querystring to execute a command when following the link to the page. For example '?opentab=3' will open the third tab of a section of tabbed content when visiting the page.

Alternate Text

Enter appropriate Alternate Text for the link. Alternate is presented when the link is unable to be displayed or interpreted, for example by screen reading software. Note: the alternate text should be the name of the page the user will be linked to.

Class Name

The class name is a CSS class and determines the appearance of the link. Select the appropriate Class. 

Note: the default Class is Custom. Custom presents a text box is displayed allowing the input of a Tag. This text box allows: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and hyphens. The character set must be between and including 3 and 50 characters.

Open in New Window

Check if required.

Search Engine 'No Follow'

If required check to request that search engines do not follow the link when indexing content. This is useful if the content is accessible via other routes, such as the navigation, and will reduce resource utilisation by Bots.


If the Interstitials module is installed, check if the link is to launch an Interstitial.


If the Analytics module is installed, select the appropriate tracking option for the link.