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Media Player

Media Player

Media Player Links are links which launch a selected Multi Media Asset in a nominated Page Panel.

Link Properties

To create a link go to Manage -> Edit and highlight an appropriate selection of text. Alternatively, click to select an appropriate asset.

1. Click Link.

2. From the Link Type dropdown select Media Player. The following view will be presented:

Media Player Link screenshot

3. Edit/configure:


Click Select Asset to browse for the required multi media asset.

Target Container Id

Enter the unique ID of the required Target Container (page panel).

Suppress Tab Rotation

If the Media Player exists within rotating tabs, selecting this option will prevent the tabs from rotating. 

Class Name

The class name is a CSS class and determines the appearance of the link. Select the appropriate Class.

Note: the default Class is Custom. Custom presents a text box is displayed allowing the input of a Tag. This text box allows: A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and hyphens. The character set must be between and including 3 and 50 characters.