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Semantic Tag

Semantic Tag


Semantic Tags may be used to add meaning and context to content on an Easysite page. For example a block of text may marked as a quote or keyboard shortcut.

To apply a Semantic Tag highlight an appropriate selection of text, and click Tag. The following view will be presented:

Semantic tag screenshot

1. Edit/configure:


Select the appropriate Semantic Tag. The following options are available:

Abbr - Abbreviation

Acronym - A word formed from the initials of a name or phrase.

Cite - A citation or to quote (a passage, book or author) as an authority.

KBD - Keyboard shortcut.

Pre - Defines preformatted text displayed in a fixed width font.

Q - A Short (inline) quotation.

Samp - Sample or example text.

Var - a variable name in a computer program or other context.

Code - identifies the highlighted text as computer code.

Pre - Indicates preformatted text.

Time - indicates that the highlighted text is a date or time.

Dfn - indicates that the highlighted text is a definition.

Wbr - indicates that the highlighted text is a Word Break Opportunity, which specifies where in a text it would be ok to add a line-break.  


Enter an appropriate value for the Tag, such as an explanation for the abbreviation. This information is displayed as mouse-over text.