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Tables may be pasted from other applications. Alternatively an author may create an new table.

Insert New Table

To insert a new table go to Manage -> Table.

1. From the dropdown select Insert New Table. The following view will be presented:

Insert table screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter the required number of rows and columns for the table.


By default the table is autosized to fit the content editor. Alternatively, uncheck this option and enter a manual size for the table.

Cell Padding

Enter the appropriate amount of padding around the text in the cells.

Cell Spacing

Enter the appropriate amount of padding between the cells.

3. Select Presentation to apply formatting to the table.

Apply to

Select whether formatting is to be applied to the whole tab, the cells, the header (the top row of the table) or the footer (bottom row of the table if applied).

Background Colour

Select an appropriate background colour.

Border Colour

Select an appropriate border colour.

Text Colour

Select an appropriate text colour.

Border Style

Select an appropriate border style.

Border Width

Select an appropriate border width. 

4. Select Accessibility.

Header Cells

Check to enable a header cell at the top of each row.

Footer cells

If required, check to enable a footer cell at the bottom of each row.


Enter a short description of the table contents which is used as alternate text for the table.


Enter an appropriate heading for the table.

5. Click Apply.

Editing an existing Table

To edit an existing table, click into the table and select Table.

1. Click edit table properties and edit the table as detailed above.