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Scheduling allows the author to create and update Scheduling dates for the page.

To Schedule a page information click Schedule:

Scheduling icon
The following view will be presented:
Page scheduling screenshot

 1. Edit/configure:

Publish Page On

Enter an appropriate go live date or time for an new page.

Schedule changes only

Schedule pages only is used when an existing page is being edited. If this option is not selected Easysite will make the page unavailable until the go live date is reached. Checking Schedule Changes Only will ensure the page remains available and then the edit will be published at the nominated go live date.

Expire page on

Once the expiry date and time is reached the page becomes unavailable for end users. Note that system users will be able to access the page in order to make it available again by removing or amending the expiry date.

Review page on

Enter a date on which the page is to be reviewed. Used in isolation this option will trigger an email to the last page author prompting them to review the page content. The author will then be required to publish the page again to indicate that the content is up to date.

Review Schedule

If required, select an appropriate Review Schedule for the page. Review Schedules allow for the selection of reviewers and the creation of an escalation process if the page is not reviewed within a given times frame.

Relocate page on

Select an appropriate relocation date.

Relocate to

Once the relocation date is reached the page will be relocated as a child of the selected page.

Delete page on

If required select an appropriate date for the page to be deleted on.

Set originally published date to

If required set a new published date for the page. This may be useful if an RSS feed is ordered by Publication Date or the Page Properties element is used to display the Publication Date of the page.

Make page premium on

Once the make page premium on date is reached the page is no longer available to anonymous users. If required enter an appropriate go premium date.