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The Studio option allows the author to view the page as it would appear on one or more different devices when published.


1. Select Studio:

Studio icon

The following view will be presented:

Studio screenshot


Themes are created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and control the look and formatting of a page. To change the displayed Theme select Theme. The following view will be presented:

Theme screenshot

1. Select the required Theme and click Select.


To change the display device, select Desktop, Tablet or Mobile as required. A dropdown list of available devices will be presented. Select the required Device to view a preview of the page on that device.

Note: Administrators may add additional Devices to these lists.


If required select whether to orient the device horizontally or vertically. To revert to the previous view of the page select Reset.


The Studio function allows the page to be previewed as a nominated user would view the page.

1. Select Anonymous to view the page as an unauthenticated user. Alternatively, select User to expose the following list:

Studio users screenshot

2. Select the appropriate user and Studio will display the pages as it would be viewed by that user (or other user with equivalent content permissions).