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To create a new page go to Manage -> Content -> New. The following view will be presented:

New page select template screenshot

1. Select the appropriate template.

Note: templates may be searched for by name, or filtered using the category list. 

The following view will be presented:

New General Page screenshot

2. Edit/configure:


Enter an appropriate title for page. This is the name of the page as displayed in the search results or in a list of articles, such as news stories.


The description is a short overview of the page content. The site search references both the description and the title when finding matches for search terms, so entering a meaningful description may help end users find content through searching.

Link Text

Link text is the wording for the main navigation on the site.

Link Path

The link path is how page is referenced the URL and displays in the address bar.


Location determines the relationship between the new page and page the author was on when the page was created. Sibling creates the new page at the same level in the site structure as the previous page, Child adds the new page underneath the previous page.

Full Path

Shows the full URL of the new page.

3. Click Save. An editable view of the new page will be presented. For information on adding content to an Easysite page see Edit.