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Editing and managing page layouts and themes in Easysite 7. To change the Theme or Layout, select Edit. The following view will be presented:

Design edit screenshot


  • SaveSaving page content in Easysite version 7.
  • PublishPublishing page content in Easysite 7.
  • RevertReverting changes and returning to the published version of a page Easysite version 7.
  • StopStop editing and exit the Edit mode of a page in Easysite version 7.
  • Doctype icon DoctypeChanging the Document Type Declaration for an Easysite 7 page.
  • Theme icon ThemeChanging the branding of a site, as well as formatting rules for content such as Headings & Subheadings, Fonts and Links by changing the Theme.
  • Template icon TemplateChanging the layout of a page by select an alternate Template.
  • Structure icon StructureThe Structure contains the elements which allow content to be added to the page. Authors may be allowed to amend the layout of a page by changing the structure.
  • StudioThe Studio option allows the author to view the page as it would appear on one or more different devices when published.