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The Theme controls the branding of a site, as well as formatting rules for content such as Headings & Subheadings, Fonts and Links.


To change the Theme for a page go to Design -> Edit -> Theme. The following view will be presented:

Edit theme screenshot

1. Select the required Theme for the page, together with the appropriate save option:

Save - will apply the new theme to the current page PLUS any child pages which were previously set to inherit. Any child pages where a theme was selected directly will be unchanged.

Save and force cascade - will apply the new theme to the current page PLUS all child pages, including those which were previously not inheriting their theme from a parent.

Save and do not force cascade - will apply the theme of the current page to all children which were previously inheriting, and then change the theme of the current page. For example, a landing page exists which has a theme called 'general' and this theme is cascaded to any children that might exist. Viewing one of the child pages would show that the theme is currently set to 'none - inherit from parent'

Applying a new theme called 'landing page theme' to the landing page and clicking Save and do not force cascade would apply the 'general' theme to all inheriting child pages in order to retain this theme on these pages. The landing page would then be changed to the 'landing page theme'.

Note: child pages which were not previously inheriting from the landing page would be unaffected by this option.