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My Account

My Account

Control Bar

My Account control bar icon

My Account allows the author or administrator to set Personal Preferences.

Note: a user Avatar may be added to the My Account icon. Avatars may be added via the My Account page element or directly from the User details in Administration. 

1. Click to select the My Account icon. The following view will be presented:

My Account Personal Preferences screenshot

2. Edit/configure:

Notify me by email

If required check to receive email notification of messages and task, such as password reset links or workflow moderation requests.

Send me notifications of overdue policies

If the Policies app is installed, check to receive email notification of Policies requiring acceptance.

Preferred Language

If content has been created in alternative languages, select a preferred language to be displayed when logging onto the site.

Background image

Authors and Administrators may set their own background image for the Administration interface. Either drag and drop or click Browse to search for an appropriate image.

Tile Background Image

If required check to repeat the image as the administration interface is swiped across. 

3. Click Save Settings.