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Manage Page

The following options are available:

Page toolbar screenshot
  • Information icon InformationGeneral information about the page including first and latest activity on the page.
  • Permissions icon PermissionsAssigning access to pages.
  • Workflow icon WorkflowApplying Workflow to a page.
  • Security icon SecurityApplying SSL encryption to a page.
  • Delete icon DeleteDeleting an Easysite page.
  • Comments icon CommentsEnabling and displaying Page Comments on a page.
  • Access channels icon Access ChannelsAdding an Access Channel to a page.
  • Portal options icon Portal OptionsConfiguring page bookmark for use with the BuildPortal module.
  • Relocate icon RelocateRelocating pages within Easysite.
  • Reorder icon ReorderReordering the navigation in Easysite.
  • Pagination icon PaginationAdding the numbers or link text of pages in the current part of the site to the footer of the page.