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Page Permissions

Permissions determine which user Groups may access and edit the page:

Read permissions allow members of a selected group to navigate to and view the page.

Write permissions allow members of a selected group to edit the page.

To change Page Permissions, go to Manage -> Page -> Permissions. The following view will be presented:

Page permissions screenshot

1. Select Unassigned from the Filter Groups list. If required select the appropriate site.

2. Check to apply the appropriate read and write permissions.

3. Click Update. If required, click Cascade to force settings down through the current section of the site.

Removing Page Permissions

To remove permissions uncheck the appropriate read and write permissions, and click to Update.

Note: if read and write permissions are greyed out, this means they have been set at a higher level and have been cascaded to the current page. Click Disinherit to manage the permissions of the page.