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Set Up centralises all site and system configuration interfaces into a single screen.


From Easysite 7.2 administrators accessing the following interfaces:

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup
  • Setup -> Site
  • System -> Configuration

Will be redirected to a single interface:

Setup interface screenshot

To access individual configuration interfaces, the administrator should select whether they are administering the current site (SIte) or updating a setting that applies to all sites in the installation (System).  The administrator may then navigate to the required option, either via the buttons on the main screen or by expanding the navigation on the left.

Note: Group Privileges control which options an individaul user may access.


To find specific configuration option, the administrator may enter a search term. This will then filter the navigation and present interfaces related to the search term. For example:

Setup search example

In this section...

  • SystemInstallation wide configuration and adminsitration options avialabel via the Setup interface.
  • SiteSite specific configuration settings.