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To configure labels for the rating functionality go to:

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup 
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup 
  • Setup -> Site 
  • System -> Configuration   

Select Site, and then Apps -> Modules -> Comments and ratings -> Ratings -> Presentation:

Ratings presentation

1. Edit/configure:    

Rating Form Text    

The Rating Form Text is presented as a heading above the rating form on the page. Enter appropriate text.        

Rating options display text  

The Rating options display text is added to the rating for, on the page, above the voting options. Enter appropriate text.

Current Page Rating Text

Once a user has voted, Easysite displays the current average rating for the page. The Current Page Rating Text is presented at the top of this report.

Rating image

If required browse to select an Asset to be displayed with the Current Page Rating Text.