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Categorisation allows administrators to configure rules relating to the categorisation of Assets.


To configure Categorisation go to:    

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup    
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup 
  • Setup -> Site 
  • System -> Configuration

Select System -> Assets -> Categorisation:

Asset categorisation configuration

1. Edit/configure:    

Enable new categories from asset manager

If required check to allow an author or administrator to create new child categories via the Add Category function in Asset Manager.

Enforce categorisation within specific branches

By default, all Assets require categorisation when added to the Asset manager. If required, check and click Choose to limit categorisation of Assets to those below a selected starting category

User gallery default categories

If end users are allowed to create new categories via the User Gallery element, select a parent category for these new categories to be created under.

Enforce asset categorisation in front end only

If required, check allow assets uploaded via administration to be uncategorised.

2. Click Save.