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Locales allow region and language specific version of Easysite pages to be presented to end users. Administrators may configure option relating to what pages are presented to user in the navigation.


To configure Locales go to:

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup      
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup   
  • Setup -> Site    
  • System -> Configuration

Select Site, and then Pages -> Locales:

Locale navigation configuration


Restrict Navigation To Active Locale Only

If a locale is selected pages which do not a locale created a presented in the default language. If this option is enabled, pages without a locale are hidden from the navigation.

Suppress auto locale selection via user webbrowser

By default, Easysite interrogates a users' browser and if an available locale matches the browser settings, this locale is served automatically. if this options is enabled a user would have manually select a locale.