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IP address authentication

IP address authentication configuration

Users may be automatically signed in based on their IP address. To configure automatic sign on by IP go to: 

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup 
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup 
  • Setup -> Site 
  • System -> Configuration

Select Site, and then People -> Authentication -> IP address authentication configuration:

IP address authentication configuration

1. Edit/configure:    

Enable automatic sign in via IP range(s)   

Check to enable automatic sign on by IP.  

Automatic sign in path

Enter the URL of the page the user is to be redirected to once logged in.

Redirect for homepage only

if required, check to automatically sign in users only when they visit the homepage.

Automatic sign in IP range(s)

Click Add IP to create a list of IP addresses that will be automatically signed on. Note: in order for a user to access the site, a guest user account must be created with a relevant IP addresses/range associated with that account. Any visitors from that IP range will be logged in as that guest user. For more detailed information see the auto sign in by IP best Practice Article.

Excluded IP range(s) for Hit Tracker

If required create list of IP addresses which are not to be tracked via the hit tracker.