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Mail relay

Mail relay


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) controls which IP addresses may be used for sending email notifications from the Easysite installation. Notifications could include workflow approval messages or page and asset reviews. Customers wanting to use their own STMP relay will need to update this information.

To access Mail relay to go to:

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup 
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup
  • Setup -> Site 
  • System -> Configuration

Select System, and then Notifications -> Mail relay:

SMTP message settings interface

1. Edit/configure:

Send SMTP messages

Check to enable the sending of email notifications.

SMTP relay host

A default IP address will be presented. If required, enter alternate IP address.

Digest Frequency

Easysite generates a digest detailing undeliverable email notifications. Select the required frequency for this digest to be generated.

Send error digest to

Enter the email address(es) the error digest should be delivered to.