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New users

New users

Users allows administrators to configure rules regarding duplicate email addresses and visibility of users in the Membership module.

New users

To access new users to go to:    

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup   
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup   
  • Setup -> Site    
  • System -> Configuration

Select System, and then People -> New users:

New user configuration

1. Edit/configure:    

Allow duplicate email addresses    

Check if required.

Note: whilst there are some situations where there is a requirement to allow multiple users with the same email, it is not recommended. Allowing duplicate email addresses can lead to users who have forgotten their password creating new accounts. This leads to multiple accounts with different data such as form submissions and event attendance being recorded against the different accounts.

Default member profile privacy

If the Membership module is in use, select whether the user must opt in or out of lists of members.