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Configure passkeys and algorithms relating to application security.


To access Encryption to go to:    

  • Content -> Pages -> Options -> Setup   
  • Content -> Assets -> Options -> Setup 
  • Setup -> Site 
  • System -> Configuration

Select System, and then Security -> Encryption :

Encryption configuration

1. Edit/configure:

Shared Key Passphrase

The shared key passphrase is used to store plain text passwords in encrypted format.

Encryption Algorithm

A Encryption Algorithm is mathematical procedure for performing encryption on data. Through the use of an algorithm, information is made into meaningless cipher text and requires the use of a key to transform the data back into its original form. Select Triple DES (which is favoured by the electronic payments industry) or AES (a U.S. standard adopted internationally) as required.

Hashtag Algorithm Used

A hashtag Algorithm is one of a number of cryptographic hashfunctions. A cryptographic hash is like a signature for a text or a data file. Hash is a one way function – it cannot be decrypted back. Select SHA or MD5 as required.

Padding Mode

Block cipher algorithms like AES and Triple DES  require their input to be an exact multiple of the block size. If the plaintext to be encrypted is not an exact multiple, the data must be padded before encrypting by adding a padding string. When decrypting, the receiving party needs to know how to remove the padding in an unambiguous manner. Select the required padding mode.

Block size

Block ciphers operate on a fixed length string of bits. The length of this bit string is the block size. Select the required number of Bits.