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Authoring: Search - Optimisations added

Authoring: Search - Optimisations added


We have added new features to the search element to improve the general performance of an Easysite installation.
  • You are now able to limit the number of pages through the use of your XSLT document. The following can be used to limit the XSLT to 100 pages:

   <xsl:variable name="noOfPages">


         <xsl:when test="(floor((($totalResults - 1) div $resultsPerPage)+1)) &gt; 100">100</xsl:when>


            <xsl:value-of select="floor((($totalResults - 1) div $resultsPerPage)+1)"/>




  • We have implemented two new options within the search element to allow the user to specify a minimum search keyword length and optional error message to display if the criteria is not met.
  • We have implemented the ability to add style element caching to your custom navigation to improve the general performance.The following two settings were added:

  1. cacheexpirationminutes - Specifies the caching period in minutes. If this is omitted or is less than 1 minute, caching is disabled.
  2. cachekey (optional) - Specifies a custom cache key or uses the GUID as the key. This must be unique, if specified.


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Published:18 December 2012

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