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Calendars: Legacy module deprecated and superseded

Calendars: Legacy module deprecated and superseded


In Easysite 6.5, the Events module superseded the original Calendars module. In Easysite 7, the Calendars module is deprecated and will no longer be available.

Customers should therefore migrate their Calendar data to Events in Easysite 6.5 before upgrading to Easysite 7.

Any customers holding an existing licence for the Calendars module will be provided with the Events module licence at no charge. If required, please request installation through the Service Request Portal.  

Newcomers to the Events module should note that more features are available than with the Calendars module – e.g. bespoke templates, view and creation the ability to book event attendance. Module specific Help Article information is available on the Easysite Resource Centre or alternatively contact your EIBS Account Manager for any additional training requirements.

At the time of writing, there is no automatic migration between the two modules. Therefore, if required and prior to the Easysite 7 upgrade, customers should arrange resources to manually migrate existing Calendars data to the Events module. If required and on request, EIBS can investigate the potential of offering further assistance under a suitable Service Plan.

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Published11 June 2014