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Login: Markup updated (Theme changes required)

Forms: Markup updated (Theme changes required)


The class names present against the Login element have been streamlined and will need to be updated. The Login is basically a Form so the changes required are practically the same. If the same styling is utilised against Forms, there should be no requirement for any additional changes.

The prefix ‘oDataForm’ has also been removed resulting in ‘oDataFormFieldset’, ‘oDataFormLegend’, ‘oDataFormQuestion’, ‘oDataFormElement’, ‘oDataFormAnswer’ and ‘oDataFormButtons’ rendering as ‘fieldset’, ‘legend’, ‘element’, ‘question’, ‘answer’ and ‘buttons’ respectively, with the exception of ‘oDataElementContainer fields’ will now render as simply ‘fields’. The CSS updates should be a simple process of removing the prefix ‘oDataForm’ and ‘oDataElementContainer’ from any associated CSS to now target ‘fieldset’, ‘legend’, ‘element’, ‘question’, ‘answer’, ‘buttons’ and ‘fields’

The wrapper div ‘oDataFormButtonContainer’, used to target the ‘Save’, ‘Submit’ and ‘Reset’ buttons has also been updated to ‘buttons’. Here is an example of the mark-up for Forms in Easysite 7 and 6.5:

Easysite 7:

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Easysite 7 form mark up screenshot

Easysite 6.5:

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Easysitye 6.5 form mark up screenshot

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Published11 June 2014