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Mailing List: Legacy module deprecated

Mailing List: Legacy module deprecated


The Mailing List module and the more recent Email Newsletters module will both co-exist in Easysite 6.5 and Easysite 7. However, going forward the Mailing List module will be deprecated and we recommend that customers use the more functional Email Newsletters module.

The Email Newsletters module is recommended over the Mailing List module due to the following two reasons:

High volume use may trigger ISP mail relay blocking – customers making use of the Mailing Listmodule reported that some ISP email relays were prone to block emails being sent out as part of a clampdown on spam. This was a significant problem for NHS customers – to the point that the Mailing Listwas not viable as a bulk email solution for that sector. There were automatic, triggered blocking of emails in situations where:

  1. The bulk email from ISP relays did not originate from registered whitelisted IP addresses. 

  2. The sender domain did not match the server domain (by local configuration).

Email Analytics – a number of clients required a (bulk) emailing list service that had open and click rate racking and analytics for A/B testing and segmentation. 

The Email Newsletters module was developed to solve these problems by providing an API to ‘plugin’ to any 3rd party bulk emailing service – allowing customers to choose between preferred providers. Currently, we provide a default connector for the popular MailChimp service.

This provides: 

  • Sign up, set subscriptions, and sign off elements for pages

  • Group and Subscription Categories synchronisation with MailChimp

  • Composition in Easysite using dynamic page content (Q3 2014)

In addition, the Email Newsletters module includes the ability to create bespoke templates and merge content from Easysite pages. Module specific Help Article information is available on the Easysite Resource Centre or alternatively contact your EIBS Account Manager for any additional training requirements.

Any customers holding an existing licence for the Mailing List module will be provided with the Email Newsletters module licence at no charge. If required, please request installation through the Service Request Portal.

Note: that there is no automatic migration or export / import facility between the two modules. 

Customers should arrange resources to manually migrate existing Mailing List data to the Email Newsletter module. If required, EIBS can offer further assistance under a suitable Service Plan

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Published11 June 2014