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Panel: Markup updated (Theme changes required)

Panel: Markup updated (Theme changes required)


The class names for new Panel elements are standardised and slimmed down. All classes within the Panel are now generic, rather than including the qualifier alpha or beta etc., as with Panel (Legacy) element.

The identifier for the specific panel styles is now present at the top level, ‘style-alpha’ or ‘style-beta’ etc., alongside a generic class ‘panel’. This will make it much easier going forwards to include generic styling across all Panel elements and also allow up to twenty four theme variations as required. 

Where previously a single class name targeted a particular part of the Panel element, you will now utilise the generic class name qualified by the distinguisher class. For example, .style-alpha .panel-header

Here is an example of the different mark-up present against a basic Panel in Easysite 7 and Panel (Legacy) in 6.5 against both the Current and Legacy – Style configuration selections: 

Easysite 7:

[ Zoom ]
Easysite 7 panel markup screenshot

Easysite 6.5 'Legacy' - Alpha, Beta, Gamma:

[ Zoom ]
Easysite 6 panel markup screenshot

Easysite 6.5  'Current’ – Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta:

[ Zoom ]
Easysite 6.5 current panel mark up screenshot

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Published11 June 2014