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Frequently asked questions/issues

Frequently asked questions/issues

If you've just recently uploaded an asset the search will need time to rebuild itself in order to show new content. This is usually done automatically overnight thanks to a scheduled job. If you need your search rebuilding immediately to make an asset searchable then you can run the stored procedures on this page against your database. If we host your site this can be requested through a service request.
Before reporting this is an issue it's advised to check the following:


Have you checked which permissions are assigned to the asset category you added the asset to?

If the asset category does not have the 'Everyone' read permission it will not be visible to the public.

Take a look at the file you tried to import, does it contain data in a cell outside of the content you're trying to import?

We recommend you take a fresh copy of the file by 'exporting' the current records first - this will you give template to work from which you can add your new records to. If your file still does not import after trying this please submit a service request.

If you noticed your search hasn't been rebuilt (you can check the site search settings) then it's likely the Easysite Server Service on your server has stopped. If you host your own server we recommend restarting the server service and configuring as advised here. If we host your server then just let us know and we'll get it running again.
There is a known issue in Easysite 6.5 whereby if an author deletes a tab container before deleting the tabs contained within, or simply moves the tabs outside of the tab container the page will error. This issue has been resolved in Easysite 7. If you experience this issue please submit a service request and we will fix the page for you. We would recommend advising your authors of this issue to reduce the chance of it happening.
If you host your own site:

You can upload a folder containing the assets to your web server and we will import them upon request. Just let us know where the file is located and which asset category the assets need assigning to.

If we host your site:

You will need to send us the files via dropbox/other file sharing system and we will import them to your site. Just let us know which asset category the assets need assigning to.

Batch categorisation! See this page for help batch categorising your assets.