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Welcome to our new Support Centre

User AvatarPosted by at 04/07/2008 17:41:11

Welcome to our new EasySite Support Centre!
This site contains all the information that you need to (i) understand EasySite v6,  and (ii) successfully implement it in your environment it with the minimum of stress. At the present time the Support Centre does not contain information on EasySite v5 - the existing extranet (http://extranet.eibs.co.uk ) will continue to cater for v5 users.

It’s interesting to reflect on the development of EasySite over the past few years. The original version of EasySite appeared in December 2001 – this started at version 3 for reasons that are now obscure. The next major version was launched some fifteen months later in March 2004 as v5 (there was no v4) and was released in its current form as v5.5 in November 2004. The v5.5 product continues to be successfully used by many customers and will be supported till at least 2010. 

EasySite v5 was developed on a Microsoft VB/ASP technology platform – essentially an application in a scripting language. During 2003 it became apparent that it would be necessary to change to a Microsoft .Net based technology platform in order to continue to improve the product and enhance its market appeal. This decision meant a complete re-implementation of the product from scratch and v6 finally appeared in Spring 2006. It’s true to say that we underestimated how long it would take to reproduce the functionality that is present in v5.5. Although v6 is far more powerful and contains many more features, it is only recently that some of the bespoke customer elements present in v5.5 have been added to v6.

However, as a result of that technology switch in 2005/6, the next major version of EasySite will continue to use the current .Net technology platform and will be much less work than last time!

That’s it for now but don't forget to let us know what you like and dislike about the new Support Centre.