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Training Feeedback analysis

Training Feeedback analysis

Training Feeedback analysis

Key points and actions

User and Permissions to be explained in greater detail

Action: work with client to create real world examples of groups and users, to give a model to follow.

Categories to be explained in context

Difficult to give detailed context, without in depth knowledge of clients page content and documentation.

Provide copy of NAHT category structure example, and project to further advise on categorisation.

Limited responses from feedback forms

Action: Request feedback after two week

Page links are lost if the author does not close spellcheck before publishing


Stress that spell check should be closed after use.

Client reported issue with persisting page lock


Stress that authors must revert changes if not publishing a draft.

Request for training materials to be handed out at the end of the session.

Action - quickstart guide to be distributed electronically to key client contact within 1 working day of compeltion of training. 

Training to be based on client specific examples

Action - design visuals to be sourced from project and used to illustrate points. Also to be used for template building training.

Handouts to be provided during training


Quickstart guides to sent to contact prior to session.

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Last updated:27 July 2015
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